Pure Gold (14K): Elbaite

Pure Gold (14K): Elbaite




Elbaite is the most well-known and valuable form of Tourmaline. This piece contains Blue Tourmaline and Black Tourmaline in a wonderful way and comes from Tanzania.

As tourmaline balances multiple chakra energies, it is considered ideal for a variety of physical ailments. Tourmaline as a crystal patch boosts blood circulation, decreases water retention, enhances mood and detoxifies the body.
Tourmaline elixirs are ideal for strengthening kidneys and liver, and help with weight loss.

Tourmaline is also the stone of vitality and vigor and tourmaline effects are mostly uplifting and freeing. Regular use of the multi-color gemstone also boosts compassion and understanding amidst people. If you have problems adapting to others, tourmaline can help you break the ice.

If you are interested to purchase this piece with a vermeil chain (925 silver with 22K goldplating) instead of a pure gold chain, contact us for a lower pricing.

Chain: 45 cm, 333 gold

Setting: 585 gold, stamped

Stone: 1,5 cm